Do The Carolina Panthers Replace Jerricho?


For years, the Indianapolis Colts have run a high powered offense.  What once had a steady running attack and huge passing game, has resorted over the past several years to focusing on the passing game.

What if the Panthers were to bring in someone associated with this passing attack.  Think, am I talking about a quarterback?  Am I talking about a wide receiver?  Obviously not.  But, I am.  I am talking about a player who for the past 14 years, has been a staple in the passing attack for the Indianapolis Colts and his name has been Reggie Wayne.

So what if the Panthers brought Reggie Wayne in to play wide receiver?  Would it be worth it?  Who would he replace?  We know Kelvin Benjamin is not going anywhere, so would that mean a guy like Jerricho Cotchery would be the lone man out?  Is that the right move considering Cotchery has been in the Panthers system for over a year?

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Clearly looking at statistics of each player, it would appear on paper that Wayne is the correct decision to bring in for the Panthers. Wayne, a first-round draft pick out of Miami in 2001 has put up impressive numbers over his 14 year career.  Wayne has a total of 1,020 receptions, for 14,345 receiving yards and 82 touchdowns.  Alone in 2014, Wayne had 64 receptions, for 779 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns.

Now look at Cotchery.  A fourth-round draft pick out of North Carolina State University selected by the New York Jets, he has 485 receptions, 6,138 receiving yards and 31 touchdowns.  In 2014, Cotchery had 48 receptions, 580 yards and 1 touchdown.

I do not think though the statistics matter.  Although both Wayne and Cotchery are veterans with a lot of experience in the league, both on and off the field, it is the team chemistry and experience with the team who will take the Panthers to the next level.  Consider Wayne to not be an option.