Will you bet on the Carolina Panthers?

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Are you a betting person?  If so, I would be willing to bet that you bet on everything – and I mean everything.  So you would bet on more than sports and who wins a game, or the championship.  You likely make ‘stupid bets’ with family and friends.  ‘Stupid bets’ being things like “I bet you it will rain today”, “I bet you are not able to put 10 Oreo cookies in your mouth at one time” and “I bet you are not able to hold your breathe for one minute under water”.

Sep 8, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; The front of Bank of America stadium on opening day before the Carolina Panthers play against the Seattle Seahawks. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Now what does it mean if you bet on everything?  Well, it means you are just a competitive person, which is a very good thing.  Why is it a good thing?  Well, think about any player who plays a sport.  To play a sport you have to be competitive and if you are not a competitive player, you will be lost during a game and will never make it.

When betting on sports games, do you look at odds, or just take the advice of experts in the field.  Previously, we had discussed NFL analyst Kevin Stott’s, of SportsbookReview.com, interpretation of what teams would make the 2015 playoffs from the NFC in a part one and part two series.  Like we know, Stott was right on point for selecting the Panthers to make the playoffs.

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