Workweek starts for Carolina Panthers

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Jul 31, 2015; Spartanburg, SC, USA; Carolina Panthers defensive back Charles Tillman (31) stretches prior to the start of training camp held at Wofford College. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Although the defense was strong again in 2014, one of the main factors missing was forced fumbles.  The Panthers only had 24 forced fumbles on defense in 2014.  The secondary, which is one of the key units on defense who should contribute a great factor in knocking the ball free from the opponent only had 9 forced fumbles out of the 24 total.

Yes, we all know the secondary was one of the weak spots on defense for the Panthers last year, but that is no excuse.  So by bringing in veteran cornerback Charles “Peanut” Tillman, the Panthers wanted to bring leadership to the table, as well as veteran secrets.

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Tillman has shared his veteran secrets already with explaining his “Peanut Punch” to force a fumble by the opposing player.  So what exactly is the most vulnerable way to use the “Peanut Punch”?  Well, you have to hit the correct pressure points when an opposing player has the ball, which would be near the back of the ball, where the ball is tucked under the elbow.

Does it work?  I would say so considering on Sunday, Tillman knocked the ball from Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart.  Plus on Monday, it was evident Tillman’s veteran secrets are wearing off on his teammates, as Josh Norman knocked the ball from Brenton Bersin.  At this rate, the secondary will have more forced fumbles in training camp then they had last season.

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