Fan Fest for Carolina Panthers

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“They missed the boat on this one.”
“This is ridiculous.”
“I can’t find a seat.”

Those phrases seemed to be common on Friday night, August 7th at Bank of America Stadium. Why you ask? Well, these phrases were from fans in attendance at the annual Fan Fest for the Carolina Panthers.

The defense gets ready for a drill at the Fan Fest for the Carolina Panthers on August 7, 2015. Mandatory Credit: Chris Schafer

The reason these were common phrases?  That is simple – there were 55,060 fans announced for a practice – yes, a practice.  It appeared as if the Panthers front office was not expecting this many fans to attend, as initially only the lower bowl of the stadium was open.  But as more and more fans walked through the gates, the Panthers front office opened the upper bowl for fans to fill seats in the north and south sides of the stadium as well.

However, for those fans stating the aforementioned phrases, think before you speak. Why be upset over the energy and excitement these fans brought to the stadium. Yes, it might have been a little hard to get in, it might have been hard to find a seat and it might have been crowded, but why complain?

The atmosphere was electric and it was great to see the city of Charlotte support the hometown team for a practice!

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