Carolina Panthers quick roar


So what do the different players for the Carolina Panthers do in their free time?  Do they play other sports?  Of course they do!  We know some players participated in Cam’s charity kickball tournament, but what about any other sport – baseball, basketball, swimming?  Well, golf seems to be a favorite.  Having played a round with Melvin White and A.J. Klein to name a few, I know golf is another sport the players are good at and put up good scores.  Take a look at a few interesting golf stories on a few Carolina Panthers’ players.

Charles Johnson’s first golf round is at Augusta National Golf Club – from David Newton of

Augusta National Golf Club and meeting Jack Nicklaus in the same day – there is not a better way to enjoy golf for the first time, which is exactly what Carolina Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson did.  To top it all off, he birdied the first hole!  If you ask him about the rest of the round, it sounds to me like he should have quit after the first hole.  But it is that one shot that makes you come back and ask for more, including the dream of playing at the top courses all over the world.

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Always answer your phone, even on the golf course – from David Newton of

They say it is proper educate to not answer your cell phone when you are playing a round of golf.  However, you never know who is on the other line and where that call might take you.  This is exactly what happened to T.J. Heath during a round of golf.  His cell phone rang and who was on the other end – the Carolina Panthers.