Carolina Panthers quick roar


So one preseason game down and three more to go for your Carolina Panthers before the regular season begins.  I do not want to give any of my prospective from this game on this post – you can gladly check out my other posts about the game – but rather here, I want to share a feel good story, but also get your take from the way certain elements of the Buffalo Bills played out.

We all know the Bills are in a reboot phase with new head coach Rex Ryan and the unknown of who is going to be the starting quarterback for the Bills come week one of the regular season.  The Bills also had a few controversial and strange signings this offseason, which makes the way the team performed in Friday night’s preseason opener all the more interesting.  Take a read on some of the things you might have noticed Friday night and comment on these aspects.

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After thinking about our opponent from Friday, now get back to thinking about your team – the Carolina Panthers.  We all have heard of the great engagement story – proposing in the middle of Times Square in New York City, proposing in a quiet park and best of all, proposing at a sporting event.  But, how did Carolina Panthers running back Fozzy Whittaker propose to his girlfriend.

Share your input on these Bills factors from Friday night’s game – from Matthew Fairborn of 

We were all watching how our Carolina Panthers played on Friday night against the Buffalo Bills, but here are some things you probably noticed with the Buffalo Bills as well.  Do you agree with the way these played out and what is your take on each?

Fozzy Whittaker is engaged – from Bill Both of Black and Blue Review

When you are ready to ask the love of your life to spend the rest of both of your lives together making each other happy, how do you plan on making the proposal?  No matter what you do, Fozzy Whittaker likely will have one up on you.