Carolina Panthers quick roar


I do not know how you could have, but just in case you missed any of the game the Carolina Panthers played against the Buffalo Bills on Friday night, you missed an outstanding comeback from the players hoping to make the team.  You missed these players from squeezing out a 25-24 win against the Bills.

But you also missed the first time we saw the rookies and those who were signed in the offseason in order to help the Panthers for the upcoming season.  Did these players impress, disappoint, or is the jury still out on these players?  Even if you did watch the game, did you pick up on all of the intangibles?  Either way – you watched or did not – here are some takeaways from Friday’s game.

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Michael Oher shows his stuff – from David Newton of

Ever since the Carolina Panthers signed Michael Oher in the offseason to play left tackle and protect Cam Newton’s blindside, members of the media and what seems like all fans, have criticized the move.  They have said Oher is past his prime, it was a mistake signing Oher and the Panthers should have drafted a left tackle.  Friday night, Oher showed Dave Gettleman knew what he was talking about by signing Oher.

The good and the bad from Friday night’s game – from Edgar Salmingo, Jr. of Cat Scratch Reader

Understanding it was the first game of the preseason, you still have to look at how certain players played during the game.  Just because it was preseason, does not mean nothing mattered, a lot of guys are fighting for roster spots.  Plus, you also have to realize these games are where coaches look at how the first team players played, even though they were in the game for a short period of time, in order to go back in the film room and work on what went wrong.  Do you agree with these observations?