The Texans’ quarterback determines betting


Once again, all you fans out there of the Carolina Panthers have the chance to place a bet on this week’s game versus the Houston Texans.

Think about it this week, who are you going to put your money on?

I think you have to take into consideration the games from week 1.

The game against the Jacksonville Jaguars for the Carolina Panthers showed similar signs the Panthers showed during the preseason.  The Panthers displayed a strong defense, forcing turnovers and compiling sacks.  The wide receivers on the offensive side of the ball continued to drop passes, including passes in the end zone, which would have been touchdowns.

The Houston Texans were an embarrassment for most of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs.  It was almost like being in “Hard Knocks” was a curse for the Texans.  Think about it like this, Brian Hoyer barely

Sep 13, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer (7) reacts after a play during the fourth quarter against the Kansas City Chiefs at NRG Stadium. The Chiefs defeated the Texans 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

won the starting quarterback position over Ryan Mallett in an episode where head coach Bill O’Brien even seemed to question his choice in the starting quarterback.

So what happened in week 1, Mallett replaced Hoyer.  O’Brien also announced Mallett will start Sunday versus the Panthers.  Seems as if the quarterback situation is really questionable in Texas.

Knowing this, we spoke to and Mark Lathrop gave us his incite into the game Sunday.  He quickly shared a quote on the quarterback situation stating

“I don’t think that Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett are in the same pedigree as Cam Newton, so I have a distinct edge going to the Panthers in this game based on that alone. Given that you will have a subpar quarterback on the road just magnifies this train of thought. I mean, if there is speculation on who the starter will be you don’t have an ideal situation going against a decent defense. I’m taking the Panthers in this one, and taking them right now while I can get -3 NFL odds at Bovada as one of my NFL picks.”

Taking a look at my thoughts on the quarterback situation for the Texans and what Lathrop says about the quarterback situation, I think you know where to place your money.