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‘The Big Game’ podcast explored the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys result from Thanksgiving

By now, if you have not heard, the Carolina Panthers defeated, or really just overwhelmed and dominated, the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day, 33-14.

There has been a lot of talk though on not about the Panthers winning, but the injury Tony Romo suffered, where he will miss the rest of the season.  There had even been mentions that if Romo would have played the entire game, he would have brought the Cowboys back for a victory.

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Really, when he left at the end of the third quarter, he already had thrown three interceptions.  What, was he going to become ‘SuperRomo’ in the fourth quarter?

Anyway, that is besides the point because those who are not only true fans of the Carolina Panthers, but also believe in what they are doing this year, will express the truth and not listen to the media and other fans who say the Panthers are for real.

Nov 26, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is injured during a sack by Carolina Panthers outside linebacker Thomas Davis (58) and defensive end Mario Addison (97) during the third quarter of a NFL game on Thanksgiving at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Which is where Justin Hargett, founder and host of the podcast “The Big Game” comes into play.  Hargett, who grew up a Panthers fan, wanted reached out and wanted to discuss the the Panthers versus Cowboys game, which was a lot of fun.  For the podcast, Hargett “wanted to focus on the annual Thanksgiving NFL tradition, as well as the Panthers undefeated run.”

You can here the full podcast of the Panthers versus Cowboys here, as well as listen to any other podcasts Hargett has done, but lets learn a little more about “The Big Game.”

As Hargett describes his show overall

“‘The Big Game’ is a conversational podcast. Think of it as a modern-day, call-in sports talk radio show—except it’s not tied to any specific team, city, league, or sport. Your built-in biases and fan prejudices are an integral part of the show (as are mine). While an in-depth discussion of strategy and analytics is totally rad, it’s not at all necessary. I approach each game from a fan’s perspective first and foremost. There are enough “experts” spewing analysis. Let’s make this a barroom conversation about the game.”

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Hargett’s website, www.biggamepod.com and is also available on Stitcher Radio and iTunes.  You can also find “The Big Game” on Twitter at @biggamepod.

A true fan of the Panthers and one who realizes the play this year is for real – “The Big Game.”