TBT: The unfortunate rapping of Greg Olsen


Greg Olsen of the Carolina Panthers is one of the most well-respected players in the NFL today.

On the field Olsen is acknowledged as a top receiving tight end and a tough customer. He hasn’t missed a single game since his rookie season in 2007 with the Chicago Bears. Off the field, Olsen inspires a lot of people due to the story of his son T.J., who has undergone multiple heart surgeries and was not expected to survive very long.

It’s pretty hard to hate on Greg Olsen these days, but it’s also important to remember that most people are idiots at some point in their lives. Some of them even become President.

In the case of Olsen, his moron period came during his time at the University of Miami, when he and his teammates (the self-styled Seventh Floor Crew) liked to rap about all of the sex they were having with their female co-eds.

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Since today’s Throwback Thursday, let’s go back and take a look at some of the unfortunate lyrics that Olsen was throwing down. (These may be offensive and definitely not safe for work.)

Here’s the rundown, thanks to Tom Ley at Deadspin:

“(Whats your name?) G-Reg. (What you do?) Get head. (How you do it?) Drop my drawers, let her see my third leg. Chillin’ on the 7th floor, I gotta let these chickens know Big Greg is in the house, and I’m gonna to make these hoes choke. On my balls, on my **** then I bust a nut quick. On her face, on her chest, stick my **** between her breasts. Come on fellas, let’s get weird. Stick your **** up in her ear. While I’m laughin at these guys, a second nut all in her eyes. (Wait a minute…in her eyes?) In her eyes.”

Gross. And people wonder why the NFL has a tough time with female fans.

Anyway, Greg Olsen is now happily married and has three kids, including the wonderful story that is T.J.

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The moral of the story is that if a class act like Olsen can be a jackass in his youth, anyone can. Everyone does stupid things in college. For example, the author once hit a gravity bong and then tried to play ultimate frisby. It’s not recommended.