Panthers: An open letter to Andrew Norwell

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) Andrew Norwell
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) Andrew Norwell /

Today, I write an open letter to Guard Andrew Norwell.

Dear Andrew Norwell,

I love you. The city of Charlotte loves you. The Carolina’s love you. We all really, really love you.

You arrived in Carolina as an undrafted free agent rookie. Scouts and analysts skipped you over because of their NFL reports. They said that you were an “inconsistent technician” and that you could “only bench-press 225 pounds 22 times.” Though passed over in the draft, the Panthers provided you a home when they signed you as an undrafted rookie. In the 2014 training camp battles, you shone as a capable blocker and carved yourself a spot on the roster.

In 2015, the offensive line, your offensive line, carved the way for a pounding running game that would take Carolina to a 15-1 regular season record. Per ESPN, Jonathan Stewart ran for 989 yards, and Cam Newton ran for 636 yards and threw 3,837 yards behind you. Andrew Norwell, the team scored a total of 54 touchdowns behind an offensive line that you anchored! Even though the Panthers ultimately lost in Super Bowl 50, you still performed on the largest stage in sports. You shone on the largest stage. You have come so far from being an unwanted, undrafted rookie with nowhere to go.

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Now, you have a choice to make. You can stay in Carolina, or you can leave. Please don’t leave us. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t leave us.

  1. You have a good chance of winning a Super Bowl with the Panthers. Really, you do. You have a super-human of a quarterback, a promising running back behind you, and the defense is elite.
  2.  If you stay, the Panthers can use that 24th overall draft pick on a wide receiver to make the offense more explosive. That gives you an even greater chance of becoming a world champion.

3. By staying with the Panthers, you would get to stay in the same culture that you created: a winning one

4. You would become the ultimate hometown, homegrown hero. Your talents developed here and you already know the playbook

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5. I will cry if you leave. You think I’m kidding? I will actually break down in tears.

A concerned Panthers’ fan,