Panthers: Dez Bryant would not be a good fit

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Despite reports linking Dez Bryant as a possible option for the Carolina Panthers, it would not be in the team’s best interest…

There have been reports in recent days that have connected former Dallas Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant to the Carolina Panthers. Many saw Cam Newton beg for Dez Bryant to become a Panther on Instagram. I’m not going to lie, it would be nice. I’m sure many Panthers fans would want to see the superstar wideout on the roster. The fact of the matter is, it is just not feasible.

He commands a high salary. For a receiver of his talents, that goes without question. Putting money aside for a second, the Carolina Panthers do not need him. Holding the No. 24 pick in the Draft, the Panthers are better of trying to build a superstar at the position than acquire one. Bryant is 29 years old. He will want a big contract once he hits the open market. Those things do not mix well.

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Part of the reason the Cowboys’ released Bryant was to take money off the books. He was owed $12.5 million on the remaining two years of his deal in correlation with a $16.5 million salary cap hit on both occasions.

Furthermore, Bryant has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2014 (1,320).  To be fair, that is not entirely all his fault. He had a special connection with Tony Romo that he was never able to recapture with Dak Prescott. With that in mind, if I am going to pay a guy major money and offer a contract for multiple years down the road, I need to be able to rely on him game in and game out. Although Bryant has shown he can be reliable, he has not played at a high level in a while.

It is not as if the Carolina Panthers have a gaping hole at the position either. They did a nice job of getting Newton weapons in the offseason. Are they as good as Bryant has shown he could be? No, they are not on the same level. However, together as a unit, they are more than capable of getting the job done. Although the Panthers would probably make room for Bryant if they acquired him, there really is no room for him at the position. They have a mix of rookies and veterans that should be able to click well in the upcoming season.

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Any team would love to have a guy as talented as Dez Bryant on their roster. I am certainly not saying the Carolina Panthers would not want him. He just would not fit in on the team as the Carolina Panthers seem to be welcoming a youth movement.