Greg Olsen delivered right response to Kelvin Benjamin comments

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 27: Greg Olsen /

The Carolina Panthers tight end hit the nail right on the head…

With a weekend full of controversy being the topic of discussion for many, current Carolina Panthers players were asked for their take on the comments made by former Panthers wideout Kelvin Benjamin.

Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen offered his take on the comments made by Benjamin, and he was very quick to stick up for his quarterback per Steve Taranto of 247Sports.

"“I think if you ask the guys on this team, the guys that have played with (Cam Newton), you’re gonna be hard pressed to find anyone to say anything bad about him,” said Olsen of his quarterback. “As far as other people’s experiences, it’s hard to speak on how they feel. I know my eight years with (Cam) and countless other guys that have played with him have benefited from playing with him. Past that, it’s kind of hard to speculate on how other people view it.”"

He kept his response classy, wishing nothing but the best for Benjamin.

"“We all wish Kelvin the best,” said Olsen. “Obviously things change, but again, we’ve talked at length about how guys around here feel about Cam. Obviously you don’t like people going after your quarterback, but I think Cam knows how the guys here feel about him, and I would imagine that that’s what he holds the most credence to.”"

I completely agree with the way Olsen handled things here. He stated his opinion, but also stood up for his quarterback. In addition to the role of tight end, Olsen also filled the role of unofficial spokesperson here. He offered a measured response to a situation where he could have been rightfully angry or upset.

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For his part, Newton seemed unfazed by the criticism. He posted a video on Instagram saying that he was focused and ready to go. That is exactly the correct response.

Many times, you would rather players not comment on outside noise, but I like that Olsen did here. He let the fans and media know that the Carolina Panthers have Newton’s back in the locker room and that he is doing a great job and has done a tremendous job for a number of years now. The Newton-Olsen duo has enjoyed tremendous success over the years and it would make sense that the latter would come to the defense of his teammate.

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Hopefully the criticism of the organization will stop sooner rather than later. After all, the first preseason game is less than a week away against Benjamin’s current team, the Buffalo Bills. Hopefully, things will be settled on the field.