Carolina Panthers are handling Cam Newton situation correctly

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) Cam Newton
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) Cam Newton /

The Carolina Panthers have made it clear where they stand on Cam Newton.

The health of quarterback Cam Newton is a top priority to the Carolina Panthers. That is perhaps the reason why they will keep their options open at the quarterback position if their star is not healthy. Although it may be something that no one likes to hear, that is a smart move. You don’t want to put the player in danger and you also want to make sure that the team has a chance to contend in the upcoming season.

Panthers owner David Tepper commented on Newton’s shoulder on Tuesday to the media. I respect him for it. He kept it real, while also not going into panic mode and giving the media something to feast on.

"“Hopefully Cam’s shoulder is fantastic and we’re all hunky-dory,” said Tepper, as reported by The Riot Report. “If it’s not, you may need more cap space. You may need to go out and find somebody. If you don’t, you guys (the media) are going to be writing up what a dope we are and why we didn’t make these other moves, this move or that move.”“I don’t think we’re gonna panic about Cam’s shoulder this year: Hopefully it’s good. Hopefully he’s great,” said Tepper. “We’re gonna look at every option and make sure we make the right choices. No panic choices. It’s just not about this season, it’s about multiple seasons. You want to build winning teams for the long-term future here.”"

For starters, at least we know the Panthers have credible backup options in Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen. Allen in particular was a pleasant surprise in the Panthers season finale win over the New Orleans Saints. If Newton’s shoulder is not healthy, they at least have two capable backup quarterbacks that they can use either while they are looking to find somebody on the open market or if they do not choose to find somebody on the open market. If I were the Panthers, I would look in-house first. That way, they can save money and use it on other positions.

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Secondly, when Tepper is talking about “making the right choices,” that could mean shelving Newton for the season, especially if they are talking about contending for multiple seasons and the long-term future. They should certainly not hit the panic button. Hopefully, Newton is better for 2019 and continues to play well beyond that. However, if they find that he is not ready to go come the start offseason workouts, then they should at least consider sitting him for the betterment of the team and the future.

It will be interesting to see what moves they will make. They certainly should not panic, but they certainly need to be mindful of the Panthers future. They have to play this situation delicately here. This is a franchise quarterback we are talking about. For better or worse, this is the guy that makes the offense run. On the other hand, it sounds as though they are not averse to making moves if the situation is right. You have to give them credit for being proactive here. They are ready for whatever comes their way.