Carolina Panthers: Rookie Brian Burns just wants to learn

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) Brian Burns
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) Brian Burns /

For the Carolina Panthers, Burns just wants to learn.

Carolina Panthers first-round pick and (hopefully) tremendous edge rusher Brian Burns is ready to make an impact. Not only is he ready to make an impact, he is ready to learn.

There are tremendous veterans for the Carolina Panthers on the defensive side of the football. From Luke Kuechly  to Bruce Irvin, to Mario Addison, there are plenty of great candidates for Burns to learn from. One thing is for sure, he better learn quickly. He is expected to be an integral part of the Carolina Panthers pass rush come the fall. After all, he wasn’t the 16th overall pick for nothing. After what was a tremendous career at Florida State, Burns hopefully will make the same impact in Carolina.

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When you think about it, learning from a group such as the three mentioned above is not a bad thing at all. Those three have done it before and done it well. As a matter of fact, they should figure to be the staples of the Carolina Panthers defense. In what is a unit undergoing change, those three will be tasked, whether they want to be or not, with managing everyone on that side of the football, especially the rookies. If some of their talent and skill can rub off on Burns, that would be even better.

As for now, Burns is just trying to learn. Whether it be the playbook or technique, he seems to be soaking up as much as he can from the veterans. That can only mean good things moving forward. The more he learns now, the better off he will be during the course of the regular season.

"“My tools and my athletic ability have gotten me pretty far. But going through OTAs with the veterans, you realize you have to learn a lot more,” Burns said. “You can’t just rely on physical ability and the things you did in college. Some of those moves don’t work here. Learning these new moves and learning from Mario (Addison), Bruce (Irvin), Marquis (Haynes) – ain’t nothing but benefits coming to me.”"

He has c the right outlook on his time in the National Football League so far. He knows that these guys can help him become a better player. They have been there and done that, and they should be able to teach him quite a bit. Burns definitely has the raw talent. Now, it is all about knowledge for him. I expect big things out of him this upcoming season.