Carolina Panthers: Greg Olsen announcing debut should be fun

The Carolina Panthers tight end should be worth a listen.

We finally have a date in regards to when Greg Olsen will make his foray into broadcasting. It will take place in Week Seven, when the New York Giants take on the Arizona Cardinals. In what is a bye week for the Carolina Panthers, Olsen will have a chance to show his talents from the broadcast booth.

As some of you may recall, Olsen was supposed to call the Los Angeles Rams-Minnesota Vikings game in the 2017 season. However, the Vikings took exception to it, saying in essence that Olsen calling the game would provide a competitive advantage to the Panthers. Hopefully, none of that will happen here.

I’m excited to hear what he has to say in the broadcast booth. This is a player that has been through it all and seen it all, and hopefully he can translate that into the broadcast booth. He could be really good, as he always seems to give great press conferences, and seems like he is very aware about the current state of the game. First-hand knowledge must be helpful in a broadcast situation.

Hopefully, this will be another great moment in what is hopefully a strong 2019 season for both him and the team. Olsen figures to still be a part of the equation at tight end. The combination of him and Thomas could make for a very successful duo in 2019. Furthermore, any tight end that can learn from one of the greats in the game is lucky. Hopefully, Olsen can pass his knowledge down to Thomas.

I’ll be interested to see if he is a “quiet” broadcaster and lets others do more of the talking. Alternatively, he could be a Tony Romo type offering details and analysis. Whatever the case may be, he should be a great fit in the broadcast booth. At the very least, it will be a test drive of sorts for Olsen. If he does well, he could use this game as the launching pad to continue to pursue  a career in broadcasting.

Whatever he does, I will support it. He has played the game long enough to do whatever he wants, within reason of course. Hopefully, he can continue to be a productive tight end for the Carolina Panthers first and foremost. Especially after the way last season ended, he deserves one final shot at being an asset to the team. He has been for years, why stop now?

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