Carolina Panthers Greg Olsen dominates broadcast booth

Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen worked as a broadcast analyst during the bye week.

While many of the Carolina Panthers were off enjoying an early break in the season and four game winning streak, Greg Olsen was working a second job serving as a booth analyst during the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants football game on FOX. His second such stint, Olsen continues to prove he’s ready for prime time once the time comes to retire.

Working with play-by-play commentator Kenny Albert, son of legendary sportscaster Marv Albert, and Lindsay Czarniak, FOX put together a veteran crew for the game. An exciting 27-21 victory for the visiting Cardinals featured two first-round quarterbacks in Kyler Murray (ARI) and Daniel Jones (NYG), immediate points, turnovers and even a blocked punt in the end zone as the Giants rallied back from 17 points down but never quite caught up.

Solid scheduling allowed for Olsen to focus on the task at hand this time around without distraction. In his previous venture, back in 2017, the Panthers tight end announced the Vikings and Rams matchup during his bye but Carolina faced Minnesota later in the year and general manager Rick Spielman was among many within the organization who took exception to his game day presence.

Despite the criticism, Olsen nailed his debut and many more compliments poured in during and after the fact on Sunday. Not only did Olsen receive praise from his broadcast partner but many around the world of sports journalism were heaping admiration onto the 13-year NFL veteran.

Able to draw on his own experiences and break down plays from a strategic standpoint, Olsen offers a unique perspective to any game he’s allowed to work. Previously serving as an analyst on the Super Bowl pregame show for ESPN and the NFL Combine on NFL Network, Olsen has not only been showcasing his off the field talents with different companies but also networking with a wide range of individuals and fellow sportscasters.

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Based on previous work, including this past Sunday, Olsen is likely to receive multiple network offers once he does decide to retire. If so, Panthers fans should expect to continue seeing him on game days down the road.

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