Carolina Panthers have completely botched handling of Cam Newton

(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) Cam Newton
(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) Cam Newton /

This is not a good look for the Carolina Panthers.

The prognosis on quarterback Cam Newton is not a good one for the Carolina Panthers. According to an official statement from the team, Newton traveled to Green Bay on Friday to visit foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson. Anderson used to be a team physician with Carolina.

This injury has been something that’s been nagging Newton for quite a while. It seems as though Carolina has wanted to hold out as long as possible for him to get help. Now, it appears Newton is finally getting some help. He injured his left foot in the team’s preseason game against the Patriots, and has not played or practiced since the second game of the season.

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I have an issue with this. I get wanting to hold out and seeing if your quarterback can play, but it’s been quite a while since he was hurt in the first place. We are now heading into November, and this is an injury that has been nagging him since the third preseason game. Not only has it been nagging him, but head coach Ron Rivera said he was okay to play and ready to go against Los Angeles to start the season. I personally thought that Carolina rushed him back a little too soon for the opener, but that’s the direction they decided to go in.

The issue I have is, why did they wait till November to finally make a move in regards this? This is just poor management. He hasn’t seen the field in forever, and it’s just been wasted time for everyone involved. He could have used this time to get to a doctor sooner, perhaps take a more aggressive approach with the rehab, or something else. The fact that they are just making a decision to go see a doctor now is ludicrous.

This was poor personnel management on the part of the Carolina Panthers. They are dealing with their star quarterback here. At some point, they should have recognized that this foot injury was not going to get any better. I respect the fact that they were waiting things out and that they wanted to try to get him to play beyond the first two games. However, at some point they should’ve taken a bigger step a lot sooner. Newton could have been far along in a rehab program by now. Instead, they dawdled and waited.

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The Carolina Panthers never been forthright when it comes to injuries. We saw what they did with the injury to Matt Kalil. However, this is perhaps the most mismanaged injury I have seen. I love the Carolina Panthers, but they are poor when it comes to injury management. Whether it be not reporting them right away, or hiding them, this is something that they continue to fail at.