Carolina Panthers: Turning weaknesses into strengths this offseason

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For the Carolina Panthers, it is all about flipping the script this offseason.

There is enough tape of the 2019 regular season for your local high school coach to educate a class of teenagers on what the Panthers have been doing wrong. NFL coaches must have a field day when they review tape of the Panthers’ tactics with their teams. This week the defense was exploited with multiple open lanes for Chris Carson to run through (as expected). And Kyle Allen got his face put in the dirt multiple times which ultimately resulted in a loss (also expected).

With the Panthers’ loss against the Seahawks and the Falcons’ big win over the 49ers the Panthers are officially at the bottom of the NFC South. With a tough matchup against the Colts this Sunday it’s not very likely that position will change. The good news is that the losses improve the Panthers’ draft positioning, and the glaring issues will be addressed with higher draft picks. While the draft is still a while away, there are a few changes that will be made much sooner.