Carolina Panthers: David Tepper’s letter to fans very telling

The Carolina Panthers owner is telling fans to be patient.

By now you have seen the letter that Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper wrote to season-ticketholders.  This letter was very telling of the direction that the franchise thinks is upon them.

It didn’t offer any stunning revelations or new developments. Rather, the tone of it sounded to me like the Carolina Panthers realize that they are in the midst of a rebuild. What I got from it was that Tepper was basically asking the fans to “stick with us” as the team revamps the coaching staff and way of doing things.

I thought the letter was a bit premature to be honest. I still think the Carolina Panthers can be relatively competitive this season. There will be some growing pains, that always happens with a new coaching staff. However, I don’t think we’re going to see a 4-12 season or a 3-13 season. Let me be clear, it could happen. However, I could definitely see and 8-8 season or a 9-7 season. There is enough core roster there for the Panthers to still make an impact.

This letter to me sounds like Tepper is worried about losing season ticket holders. I do not necessarily think that fans have high expectations for this year anyway. Most of the fans I’ve talked to realize that Rhule’s system needs to be put into place. In any event, it sounds like the organization is preparing fans for a rebuilding year . one has to wonder if more roster moves will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

Ultimately, we will see what the product looks like on the field. If this team looks lost and confused then we are in for a rebuilding year. If they show signs of life, the results may turn out better than expected.

In any event, this to me says that the owner is preparing for the long haul. The fans will undoubtedly still be there, as they are some of the most passionate in football. Difficult moves are a part of the business. Nevertheless, I could see the Carolina Panthers being very competitive in 2020.

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