Carolina Panthers: Sal Pal rightfully believes Rhule is Super Bowl bound

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) Matt Rhule
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) Matt Rhule /

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio recently chimed in his thoughts on new Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule and believes he’ll be leading this team to a Super Bowl sooner rather than later.

New Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule sure has a lot of support when it comes to everything he brings to the franchise. Once news broke out that the Panthers reached an agreement to make Rhule their next head coach, fans were ecstatic thanks to his winning ways at Baylor and Temple.

Now Rhule has an enormous task ahead in turning the Panthers back into a competitive team capable of winning 10+ games a season and getting back into the NFL Playoffs. It won’t be easy but Rhule is undoubtedly the right guy for the job.

As of right now, the Panthers have already kicked off the offseason with rebuilding the right way. General manager Marty Hurney has started the process as many household names have either retired, been cut, or traded away in order to get better talent on the roster.

Sal Pal is right about Matt Rhule getting to the Super Bowl

Hurney has made some interesting decisions so far in free agency, mostly bolstering the wide receiver corps of the Panthers and adding new quarterbacks to the mix. There might be another move or two in free agency but all eyes will be on the upcoming NFL Draft to see what other roster needs can be addressed.

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Besides all the roster changes that are about to be made, Rhule is the glue that will keep everything together and everyone focused on the task at hand.

Even ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio knows that Rhule is critical for the future success of the Panthers thanks to his leadership, football knowledge, and above all else, knowing what it takes to create a winning culture.

On  WFNZ Sports Radio in Charlotte, Sal Pal couldn’t stop speaking so highly of Rhule and how is definitely the right guy to fix the Panthers. Not only does he believe Rhule will be an instant success but believes he’ll be heading to a Super Bowl sooner rather than later.

In an article written by Jack Duffy of Sports Illustrated, here’s what Sal Pal said about Rhule eventually heading to the big game:

"“The Panthers are going to win a Super Bowl with Matt Rhule… I’m not just saying all of this because I love Matt Rhule,” Paolantonio said. “I obviously do, but all I’m saying is all you have to do is look at the guy’s track record and ability and his way to just cut through the BS and get right to what has to be done."

And cut through the BS he will. Rhule comes from a winning background and if it’s anything that fixes a struggling team it’s winning. With an ability to get the most out of anyone on his team, Rhule is the perfect guy to install discipline, accountability, and coach what needs to happen on a day-to-day basis in order to field a winning product.

Excitement is in the air as once the Panthers address a few more issues on their defensive line, offensive line, and their defensive backfield situations, this team will be competitive again in hopefully another year or two. Once everything falls into place, it will be familiar territory for Rhule as he’s done this before several times.

Now it’ll just be at the NFL level where the stakes are high and expectations are even higher for a team that is essentially just a few pieces away from building something special. Sal Pal is 100 percent right in that if there is any head coach who can transform the Panthers into a team that is Super Bowl bound and actually wins it all, it’s Rhule.