Carolina Panthers Free Agency: Making the case to sign Everson Griffen

As the Carolina Panthers continue to make good moves in free agency, there is still an opportunity to land at least one solid edge rusher. Here’s making the case for Everson Griffen.

At this point in time, the Carolina Panthers still have a few areas of need to address on the roster. They’ve taken care of things nicely on the offensive side of the ball but still have a lot left to do when it comes to their top priority of bolstering their defensive line. The Panthers are still in dire need of an edge rusher who can come right in and take care of business.

This presents an interesting situation for the Panthers are there are only a few top names still available in free agency. The only two edge rushers that would make a ton of sense for the Panthers would be Jadeveon Clowney or Everson Griffen. Unfortunately, Clowney will easily command a lot of money that the Panthers simply don’t have but there is a possibility that perhaps Griffen could be an interesting target instead.

Griffen has made quite the name for himself with the Minnesota Vikings over the last decade. In his career, he’s made 74.5 sacks, 355 tackles, and has a knack at pressuring opposing quarterbacks. To land an edge rusher of his caliber would be an instant boost on the Panthers’ defensive line. The experience he brings to the table would be phenomenal to have in the locker room as the Panthers should double down here.

The Carolina Panthers should sign Everson Griffen in free agency

If they can sign Griffen and also use their No. 7 overall pick to draft a young stud defensive lineman to groom for the future, that would be exactly what the Panthers need to rebuild the right way.

It’s no secret that defense wins championships and if the Panthers want to be contenders again sooner rather than later, they need to add more top talent to their defensive line.

How great would a situation be where they land Griffen via free agency and also draft a top defensive lineman? They’d have a veteran that can easily start and mentor their future anchor on the defensive line. It would be a win-win situation for all but of course, when it comes to free agents, it all depends if Griffen would even consider such a move.

As of right now, Griffen is rumored to make a decision once Clowney decides on where to sign to see where the market financially stands for premier edge rushers. Clowney is debating whether to re-sign with the Seattle Seahawks or sign with another team and since he’s the top free agent available in the positional group, he will set the numbers accordingly.

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If Griffen is able to be signed at a reasonable price for the Panthers, it would more than likely be the best move they can make in free agency before this year’s draft is here. It’s a move that instantly helps the team and sets them up to hopefully develop a young replacement that can hold it down for many years to come. This would be the icing on the cake before the Panthers are on the clock.

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