Carolina Panthers: Teddy Bridgewater will thrive on offense in 2020

Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is entering a golden situation with his new team this upcoming season. He will undoubtedly thrive thanks to some familiar faces.

Make no mistake about it, the Carolina Panthers have done a very good job in regards to the most important position on the team. When news broke out that they decided to head in a different direction at quarterback, most fans welcomed a change. It hurts that things ended as they did with former quarterback Cam Newton but at the end of the day, business is business and it was a decision made for the benefit of the overall team.

With Newton no longer in the picture, the Panthers are betting on Teddy Bridgewater to be a significant upgrade under center. General manager Marty Hurney has done a very good job of surrounding Bridgewater with a good supporting cast to do well this upcoming season. The Panthers’ offense will have some new faces on their offensive line, tight end, and especially at wide receiver to push the envelope.

Bridgewater has worked in the past with newly signed free agent wide receiver Robby Anderson as the two have a great relationship dating back to their brief time with the New York Jets. Combine that with new offensive coordinator Joe Brady that worked extensively with Bridgewater during his tenure with the New Orleans Saints and it’s easy to see why everything should click into place.

Teddy Bridgewater will thrive on offense for the Carolina Panthers

Brady knew that Bridgewater not only bounced back nicely from his devastating leg injury a few years ago but looked just as good as he did when he hit the NFL by storm with the Minnesota Vikings.

Bridgewater, if healthy, will undoubtedly be a catalyst on offense that should be able to execute and keep those chains moving with ease. It’s a big reason why Brady made sure to chime into the ear of Hurney to quickly make a move on Bridgewater this offseason.

In an article written by Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer, here’s what Hurney said when asked why the Panthers decided to be all-in with Bridgewater as a replacement for Newton:

“He’s a very talented quarterback,” Hurney said of Bridgewater. “I’ve always liked him. He’s got great feet in the pocket, he’s got good vision, he’s got a quick release, he’s got good accuracy. … And he’s got familiarity with Joe Brady’s system since Joe was down there in New Orleans. So he’s certainly a guy who has had to overcome adversity himself, and has won consistently everywhere he’s been.”

Familiarity is a huge advantage to have as Brady’s new offense on the Panthers will cater to Bridgewater’s strengths. All the Panthers’ offense needs are a few more pieces on their offensive line and at tight end for depth and it’s easy to see Bridgewater thrive big time in his first season on the team. He has all the attributes you need in a quarterback and then some as he’s a proven leader, knows how to win, and above all else, is a great presence to have in the locker room.

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Overall, expect to see Bridgewater deliver some solid results in his debut and do his part to usher in a new era with the Panthers. One of which is all about rebuilding now for a brighter future and if everything falls into place, Bridgewater will lead the Panthers towards finally being a competitive team once again.

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