Carolina Panthers: Big things expected of Ian Thomas in 2020

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) Ian Thomas
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) Ian Thomas /
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Carolina Panthers draft prospect Thaddeus Moss
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Thaddeus Moss /

The 2020 NFL Draft

There is the temptation for the Carolina Panthers to look for a tight end prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft. Any selection at the position may have big implications on Ian Thomas’ ability to earn a starting spot.

Someone with the game-changing red zone play of LSU product Thaddeus Moss could be a perfect fit for the Panthers’ offense. With so many pressing defensive needs, it remains to be seen what level of urgency the Carolina decision-makers choose to put on the tight end spot.

Thomas will feel he has done enough to lay claim to the No.1 tight end position. He has worked hard over the last two seasons and performed well in Greg Olsen’s absence.

The spotlight will now be on him and how he handles it will be crucial to any success that comes his way. An incoming recruit might also spur Thomas on to bigger and better things as there is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get the best out of a player’s talents.

The Panthers have just eight selections heading into the Draft. So, they are going to have to prioritize what positions of substantial need and those that the organization might be better off opting for a wait and see approach.

Tight end would probably fall into the second category, which is good news for Thomas. He has been waiting to step out of Olsen’s shadow from the moment he stepped into the league and his experience on the field as a rookie will have only whet his appetite further.