Carolina Panthers Draft Profile: Trevon Diggs upgrade defense instantly

Carolina Panthers, Trevon Diggs #7 of the Alabama Crimson Tide (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Carolina Panthers, Trevon Diggs #7 of the Alabama Crimson Tide (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Carolina Panthers need help bad when it comes to their defensive secondary as cornerback Trevon Diggs out of Alabama would upgrade their defense instantly.

Besides needing help on their defensive line, the Carolina Panthers are in dire need of adding new talent to their defensive secondary. It’s a huge area of need as they’ve been unable to keep up with high-passing offenses over the past few years. That all will change once they make a decision with the No. 28 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

When the Panthers are on the clock and if he’s still available, they should select Trevon Diggs out of Alabama. Not only would he be an instant upgrade in the positional group but he’ll do his part to start creating a new identity on defense. It’s something the Panthers’ defense has been lacking for a few years now in their secondary as it will be great to see him do what he does best at cornerback.

At 6-1 and 205lbs, the brother of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs is ready to make a name for himself in the pros. This would be a golden situation for Diggs as he’s entering a cornerback group that needs a jolt of youth to start rebuilding the right way.

Trevon Diggs would be an upgrade on the Carolina Panthers defense

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Diggs was a defensive stud at Alabama where he dominated the scene for the last four years. In his collegiate career, Diggs totaled 68 tackles, four interceptions, and 17 passes defended. Since Diggs has experience as a wide receiver and a kickoff/punt returner, it brings a good dimension to his situational awareness on defense.


With a ton of starting experience at Alabama, Diggs is ready for the spotlight and will easily handle the transition well. Excels in press coverage as opposing receiving threats will have a hard time trying to make short or medium plays when being covered by Diggs.

Under the right coaching and training, Diggs could very well develop into a dual-position defensive back as a cornerback and safety. His unique skill-set allows him to potentially be used in a plug-and-play role on defense in the future.


Sometimes Diggs tries to do too much on the gridiron and will get out of position which will ultimately end up him getting burned in coverage. During long games, Diggs tends to be unaware in certain situations in which he has to stick to a specific role and not what he feels he should do which can cause miscommunication with coaches.

Opposing offensive coordinators have been known to use deep threat wide receivers to test his speed going down the field in big plays. Diggs has the tendency to overrun his opponent in these situations and gives up big plays. Due to this, he’ll sometimes draw penalties due to holding or pass interference when he knows he got beat.


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Diggs would be a great addition to the Panthers’ defense thanks to everything he brings to the table. He has the size, awareness, and athleticism to not only start for the Panthers but be an instant upgrade to their defensive secondary. On all accounts, if the Panthers select Diggs, he’d be starting for them this upcoming season and a cornerstone on defense.