Carolina Panthers Mock Draft: SI predicts Isaiah Simmons at No. 7

Carolina Panthers, Isaiah Simmons #11 of the Clemson Tigers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Carolina Panthers, Isaiah Simmons #11 of the Clemson Tigers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

In a recent mock draft by Sports Illustrated, they predict the Carolina Panthers will land linebacker Isaiah Simmons out of Clemson with the No. 7 overall pick.

As the 2020 NFL Draft is almost upon us, the Carolina Panthers have many tough decisions to make. At this point in time, they have the No. 7 overall pick and will more than likely address some of their issues on defense. The truth of the matter is, as long as they draft a player to bolster their defensive line, linebacker, or even secondary, they’ll only look better this upcoming season in that positional group.

Such is the case with a majority of mock drafts out there that see the Panthers taking a premier defensive player when they’re on the clock. Even a recent mock draft by Sports Illustrated writer Jason Hewitt has the Panthers taking a linebacker, well, not just any linebacker but the best of the best.

Hewitt predicts that the Panthers will get lucky as star linebacker Isaiah Simmons will fall right into their laps. He believes the New York Giants don’t end up drafting Simmons as they take the best available offensive lineman, breaking mock drafts across the internet that have penciled him in for the city that never sleeps.

SI predicts the Carolina Panthers drafting Isaiah Simmons

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At any rate, while most would love to see the Panthers take defensive tackle Derrick Brown out of Auburn, this would also be a fine pick if this recent mock draft turns into reality. It’s hard to argue with ultimately drafting Simmons at No. 7 due to everything he brings to the table.

Simmons dominated the scene at Clemson in which he totaled 238 tackles, 11 sacks, and 28.5 tackles for a loss. He’s fast, athletic, and will be a true force to reckon with the moment he enters the pros.

The Panthers’ defense could sure use a linebacker of this magnitude as he’d be an instant starter and a cornerstone kind of player to build the rest of the defense around.

As long as the Panthers don’t draft something silly like another quarterback or wide receiver with the No. 7 overall pick, they should be fine to continue their efforts in rebuilding for the future. Hopefully, two to three years from now, they’ll be able to compete and even contend in the NFC South.

It’s doubtful the Panthers will have an immediate turnaround in 2020 but they can definitely start things off right by having a strong draft class with players that can come right in and take care of business. Since it’s expected this year’s draft class for the Panthers will mostly be focused on defense, we should at least see some strides in that side of the football.

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Overall, if Hewitt’s mock draft ends up happening for real, the Panthers should be very happy with the caliber of a player they’d be getting in Simmons. He’s going to do very well on defense and with the right coaching and training, could very well be their next locker room leader and a future captain in the making.