Carolina Panthers: Derrick Brown pick gets thumbs up from experts

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) Derrick Brown
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) Derrick Brown /

The Carolina Panthers’ selection of Derrick Brown with the No. 7 overall pick has received a positive response from NFL Draft experts in the national media.

Derrick Brown is the new man at the forefront of the Carolina Panthers’ defense after he was taken with the seventh overall selection. The player represents a huge upgrade on their interior and he has the potential to reach the Pro Bowl in his first few seasons in the NFL.

While some sections of the Panthers’ fanbase questioned the decision to take Brown over Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons, the pick has been given a seal of approval by many experts from across the national media.

Paul Prisco of CBS Sports led the charge with an A+ grade, writing this on the selection:

"“I love this pick. I love this player. I think Derrick Brown will be a force in the NFL. Plays with such power. Reminds me of the late Jerome Brown.”"

Mike Tanier of the Bleacher Report outlined the Auburn product’s Pro Bowl ceiling and gave the pick an A. He also highlighted the importance of studying a player’s tape rather than judging them on their performance at the NFL Scouting Combine.

"“Combine results should be used to verify or reevaluate a player’s film, not as poison-tipped darts. Brown has the tape of a Pro Bowl defensive tackle. If you want a defensive tackle who generates sacks by grabbing his blocker and tossing him at the quarterback, Derrick Brown is the prospect for you.”"

Chad Reuter of also gave the move an A. But it came with a warning regarding the potential of Brown’s pass-rushing ability not making a smooth transition to the next level due to his frame.

"“I love Derrick Brown. A lot of people don’t. His detractors say his big frame won’t allow him to affect the passing game. While I don’t think he’ll be an elite pass rusher at the next level, SEC quarterbacks would argue that they had to know where Brown was on every play. He physically dominated his opponents on a regular basis. He’s a dude. Sign me up.”"

Dan Kadar from SB Nation approved the move with an A- grade. He also backed up Reuter’s notion on Brown getting to the quarterback on a regular basis in the NFL.

"“Brown is a monster of a defensive tackle. To me, he’s the new version of Fletcher Cox of the Philadelphia Eagles. Brown is hard to move off the spot and can collapse the pocket with his power. The only issue is how well his pass rush game will translate to the NFL. If it does, Brown should be a superstar in the NFL.”"

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The defensive tackle has the scope to be a real game-changer in the pros. He commands considerable attention on the line of scrimmage that also brings opportunities for others around him.