Carolina Panthers Draft: Was Jeremy Chinn worth trading up for?

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(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) Jeremy Chinn
(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) Jeremy Chinn /
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Jeremy Chinn, Carolina Panthers
(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) Jeremy Chinn /

Was Jeremy Chinn worth trading up for?

Jeremy Chinn has a lot of good traits that could make a smooth transition to the NFL. He is extremely athletic and boasts the sort of anticipation that is going to go down very well at the next level.

Where Chinn excels best is in coverage and reading the quarterback. He has good speed and size that allows him to cover receivers down the field or in the slot.

Another standout feature of Chinn’s game is his exceptional reading of the game. This allows him to decipher where a quarterback is going to throw the ball and has the quick-burst to get him to the required spot.

Chinn plays with a nastiness and aggression that is set to make him an instant hit with the Carolina Panthers’ fanbase. He isn’t afraid to get down to the box and impact the running game. The former Southern Illinois standout also finishes off plays with ruthlessness.

He would have some limitations in man coverage on the outside. But that is not an area where Chinn is going to be utilized in Carolina. He is projected to be a nickel cornerback or rotational safety to put alongside Tre Boston if he beats out T.J. Green during training camp.

There is nothing to suggest Chinn cannot secure a starting spot during his rookie season. He is a likable character that is sure to relish the ability to fly around the field at the first opportunity.

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Only time will tell as to whether he was worth an extra selection. But Chinn boasts some outstanding traits and has the sort of attitude that could even see the player excel at the next level.