Carolina Panthers: How much rebuilding is left to do?

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) Teddy Bridgewater
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) Teddy Bridgewater /
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P.J. Walker, Carolina Panthers
(Photo by Michael Starghill/XFL via Getty Images) P.J. Walker /

The quarterback situation with the Carolina Panthers

Matt Rhule has two of his old college protégées competing to be the headliner of a team that lost its identity before ht ook over at the helm.

This familiarity is a good option to have, especially when one considers the lack of face-to-face time this offseason due to social distancing measures relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Teddy Bridgewater had to work hard to recover from a devastating knee injury, and P.J. Walker hasn’t played a single game in the NFL. But the crux is that the Panthers have two quarterbacks who have worked with Rhule.

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Bridgewater also has the benefit of playoff experience and performed well against the Seattle Seahawks during his time with the Minnesota Vikings, who were a Blair Walsh missed field-goal away from securing a notable upset. Walker shined during his time in the XFL and was an MVP candidate before the organization shut its doors thanks to Covid-19.

Both of them have been in the same boat since 2017. Walker never had his chance with the Indianapolis Colts while Andrew Luck was there, and even after the former No. 1 pick retired the franchise felt more comfortable moving forward with Jacoby Brissett, rather than the practice squad guy.

Bridgewater was a former franchise quarterback for the Vikings and he had a legitimate chance to make back-to-back playoff appearances before he blew out his knee. He became a victim of circumstance once the offense started clicking without him in 2017. But Minnesota sure could have used him these last two years.

It so happens that the Panthers now have Bridgewater and Walker ostensibly set up to shine in the new offensive system. Only time will tell as to whether new offensive coordinator Joe Brady makes the offense work as effectively as he did at LSU.