The bitterness between Cam Newton and the Panthers needs to end

Why the bitterness between the Carolina Panthers and their former quarterback Cam Newton needs to end at the earliest opportunity.

The situation between Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers has an ever-increasing bitterness surrounding it. The quarterback was released amid strange timing this offseason. And he is still searching for a new home almost three months on.

There is little denying the fact that the Carolina Panthers could have handled the situation better. They brought in Teddy Bridgewater to lead them going forward in free agency. And the organization could have parted ways with Newton the moment he put pen to paper.

This has been met with derision by large sections of the Panthers’ fanbase. Newton is a player they worshipped for almost a decade and felt he warranted one more shot at turning around the fortunes of the franchise.

Shoulder and foot injuries over the last two seasons did not help his plight. And the new regime came in wanting to go in a different direction.

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The Panthers social media team fuelled the fire this week by posting a question regarding Carolina’s greatest ever players. They opted to leave off Newton and instead go with Julius Peppers, Steve Smith, and Luke Kuechly.

Their explanation claimed they chose the trio due to their retired status. But one suspects that the organization was expecting some sort of backlash from a post that did appear rather petty from the outside looking in.

This situation might have seemed innocuous. But it typifies the growing resentment between the player and a franchise he propelled to within a touching distance of their first Super Bowl.

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When will the bitterness between Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers end?

Things have the potential to get worse before they get better between Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. This has become a prominent focal point as the offseason has progressed. And this is mainly due to the signal-caller remaining on the free-agent scrapheap.

Newton’s predicament has the potential to progress rapidly in the coming weeks as teams return to their facilities. Given the player’s injury history over the last 18 months. Those thinking about giving him a deal will need to do their own independent medical evaluations before making such a move.

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If Newton was released earlier, this is something that might have been achievable before social distancing measures were implemented. Instead, it leaves the 2015 NFL MVP facing the prospect of waiting for an injury during camp to possibly find the best fit.

There will come a time when all this will be a distant memory and Newton can return to Carolina and receive the sort of departure he deserves. This was a player that became the face of the franchise from the moment he stepped on the field as the No. 1 overall pick out of Auburn. And there was also a time when the quarterback was the most marketable player in the NFL.

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The wound is still fresh regarding his departure. And the Panthers should have known better when posted something like that which excluded Newton. They say time is a great healer. But things like this will only extend the resentment.

Teddy Bridgewater will be playing in Newton’s shadow until he performs well enough to emerge from the cloud hanging over him. This is a new era for the organization as they look to become a contender in the future. And this situation with their former icon is a distraction they just don’t need during an unprecedented offseason.