3 ways that virtual OTAs benefited the Carolina Panthers

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Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers Reason No. 3: Analyzing personalities

New head coach Matt Rhule has met less than a quarter of the current Carolina Panthers roster due to social distancing measures. This has the potential to complicate things going forward. So the virtual OTAs would have been a good indication about what sort of characters he will be working with.

Every player has a different personality. Some are more vocal in their demeanor, while others prefer to let their actions on the field do the talking. Rhule will find out quickly just what sort of players can be counted on to motivate those around them during camp. And this would have been a standout feature of the virtual sessions.

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This normally comes from the veterans on the roster. Although they are few and far between in Carolina following a wealth of departures this spring.

The likes of Tre Boston, Shaq Thompson, Kawann Short, and Christian McCaffrey will be tasked with producing when it matters most. And they must also give the team strong communication in their preparation.

The virtual OTAs will also have been beneficial for Rhule to examine what sort of character traits incoming free agents have and what they can bring to the franchise. The experience level within their recruits ranges dramatically. But a player such as left tackle Russell Okung would have undoubtedly made his presence felt from the outset.

While nothing compares to player interaction. What the virtual meeting will have done is given Rhule and Carolina’s coaching staff some initial analysis into things such as camaraderie, cohesion, and team spirit. And this can only be a good thing going forward.

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