Top 10 film and TV NFL characters who could help the Panthers

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OL. 6. 87. player. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. REMEMBER THE TITANS. LOUIELASTICK

Carolina Panthers Player No. 6: Louie Lastick (OL) Remember the Titans

The Carolina Panthers have plenty of uncertainty surrounding their offensive line. Louie Lastick was a mean force on the line of scrimmage for T.C Williams High School in Remember the Titans. And he played the game with aggression that didn’t match his fun-loving demeanor.

Lastick was someone that benefitted tremendously from an arm around his shoulder. And he was one of the first players that really adopted teammates of a different race during the integration. This is the type of character that the Panthers have been heavily involved in their fight against social injustice in recent weeks. So the “player” would be a tremendous addition.

87. FORRESTGUMP. 5. player. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. ATH. ALABAMA

Carolina Panthers Player No. 5: Forrest Gump (ATH) Alabama

What he lacked in football IQ, Forrest Gump more than made up for with speed and eye-popping athleticism that defied a man of his stature. He was a threat to score every time the “player” touched the ball. And although coaching him up would be next to impossible, the Carolina Panthers would find a way to make things work.

Keeping him from running out of the stadium would be just one of their objectives. Incurring penalties after every Gump touchdown might complicate matters. But some sort of end zone and tunnel security could help in this matter.

Blocking for Gump given his unpredictability might also be a worry. So that is something to also take into account when drawing up plays.

QB. WILLIEBEAMEN. 87. ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. 4. player. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis

“Steamin” Willie Beamen was the low-round selection that went on to become a franchise quarterback in Any Given Sunday. To say fame and notoriety went to his head would be something of an understatement. But he eventually came back down to earth thanks to the presence of head coach Tony D’Amato.

There are plenty of similarities between Beamen and former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Their ability to make plays on the move and create something out of nothing are rare traits to have. However, changing plays in the huddle would not go down well with any NFL team.