Top 10 film and TV NFL characters who could help the Panthers

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Lawrence Taylor, Carolina Panthers
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ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. LUTHER SHARKLAVAY. 3. 87. Scouting Report. LB. player. Pick Analysis

The inspirational leader of the Miami Sharks’ defense. Luther Lavay was a heavy hitter that struck fear into opposing players with his relentless motor and ruthless tackling.

He was a human wrecking ball that eventually went a similar way to what Luke Kuechly might have done regarding concussions had he not called it a day following an amazing eight seasons with the Carolina Panthers.

Lavay was played by Lawrence Taylor, who revolutionized the linebacker position and is one of the NFL’s greatest ever players. Any Panthers’ not pulling their weight with “Shark” around would more than likely get their custom hummers cut in half, too.

Scouting Report. 87. THE WATERBOY. BOBBYBOUCHER. 2. player. Pick Analysis. LB

The red-neck linebacker that captured a nation’s hearts, Bobby Boucher was a premier force on defense for the Mud Dogs and would have been a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. He may have had some unusual methods of motivating himself. But was clearly a method to his madness.

What NFL team wouldn’t want 20 tackles and five sacks a game from their inside linebacker? Another benefit of having Boucher around would be the quality of H20 available on the sidelines, which could raise the performance of every roster member.

POINT BREAK. 1. player. 87. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. JOHNNYUTAH. QB

Johnny Utah was a college phenom that was forced to pursue a career in law enforcement after a devastating knee injury ended his career and chances of the NFL. He would have been a “player” more than capable of leading the Carolina Panthers back to prominence.

When he wasn’t chasing down surfer-dudes that turned into bank robbers, Utah showcased his arm and accuracy during the film, albeit on the beach after more than a few beers. And what the Panthers wouldn’t give for a reliable presence under center if things don’t go according to plan with Teddy Bridgewater.

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