Carolina Panthers: 4 weakest projected starters in 2020

(Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) Jermaine Carter
(Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) Jermaine Carter /
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Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers
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Which projected starters on the Carolina Panthers could be seen as the weakest in 2020?

It promises to be a season that could go either way for the Carolina Panthers. They are projected by many to struggle significantly given the number of changes across the board this offseason. But there are some that see them as a possible sleeper team if everything clicks into place right away.

This uncertainty should make the Carolina Panthers a must-watch organization next season. Their offense has the potential to be elite providing the offensive line holds up its end of the bargain. And there are playmakers aplenty on the defensive side of the ball.

Having a new coaching staff devoid of any NFL experience is another hurdle the Panthers need to overcome. And the current climate has only hindered their chances of making an instant impression in 2020.

As the old saying goes, a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Carolina might have some dynamic weapons throughout their roster. But some serious questions need to be answered at the problem positions that look to be lacking depth.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out just where these individuals are projected to line up. The Panthers have been bold in their pursuit of becoming a contender once again in the near future. But this might have cost them a chance of immediate success under the new regime.

Here are the four weakest starters on the Panthers heading into training camp and the 2020 season.