5 Carolina Panthers who retired at the perfect time

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Which former Carolina Panthers can look back at their careers and know they retired at the perfect time?

The NFL is full of stories of players that turn out on the field longer than they probably should. This is down in no small part to their desire for the game. But in some cases, it tarnished legacies.

You are only as good as your last game. And veteran players past their prime have been more than evident for the Carolina Panthers in recent years. This was especially evident during a disappointing 2019 campaign, which contributed significantly to vast changes across the board this offseason.

Some players need to prolong their careers for a purely financial perspective. Only the top-end NFL stars make enough money to live comfortably off. And if their money is not managed wisely, things can turn sour extremely quickly.

Others go into their twilight years with the mindset of a player at the start of their career. But while their respective minds remain sharp, aging bodies simply cannot react in the way they did as young prospects.

There is a flip side to this coin. Some players know when their time is up. And by taking the option to step away from the game, it not only preserves their long-term health. But also keeps their standing in the highest regard from a historical perspective.

Here are five former Panthers who retired at the perfect time following standout careers with the organization.