3 reasons QB Justin Fields is a great fit for the Carolina Panthers

(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) Justin Fields
(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) Justin Fields /
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Carolina Panthers
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) Justin Fields /

Dual-threat weapon

There is plenty to like about the sort of skill set Justin Fields brings to the table. He burst onto the scene with the Buckeyes in 2019 after transferring from Georgia. And this saw him quickly emerge as one of college football’s brightest young prospects.

One of the more eye-catching elements to Fields’ game is his ability to get out of the pocket and make plays. This is something the Carolina Panthers benefitted from enormously when Cam Newton was their franchise player. And it is something that is not normally associated with Teddy Bridgewater’s production.

Making plays on the run is fast becoming a trademark of all great quarterbacks in the NFL. The stereotypical pocket-passer is something of a dying breed these days. And Fields represents everything that is good about a modern-day signal-caller coming out of college.

Fields carried the ball 137 times at Ohio State in 2019. This resulted in 484 yards, ten touchdowns, and a yards-per-carry average of 3.5. While his YPC doesn’t exactly stand out in the grand scheme of things. What it does show is that the prospect is not afraid to get out and move if a play fails to develop as expected.

This sort of versatility is going to go down very well at the next level. Pass-rushers are getting quicker and more physical with every passing year. Fields’ yards-per-carry was 6.3 during his time with the Bulldogs. And this is something that could open up even more opportunities for the Panthers’ exceptional group of wide receivers.