Will Grier’s road to redemption with the Panthers off to a good start

(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) Will Grier
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) Will Grier /

Will Grier is on a road to redemption in only his second season with the Carolina Panthers.

It’s fair to say that Will Grier suffered a baptism of fire during his rookie season with the Carolina Panthers. The quarterback was clearly not ready to start for the final two games of the campaign and he struggled significantly.

This left some questioning the player’s long-term aspirations at the next level. Plenty of eyebrows were raised when the Carolina Panthers took Grier with their third-round pick in 2019. And his poor play under center only increased concerns regarding the team’s decision to part ways with a high-end NFL Draft selection on the player when there were pressing needs elsewhere.

Grier freely admitted that he did not take the role of a backup seriously and paid the price. This was a steep learning curve for the former West Virginia standout in no uncertain terms and there might be a chance he loses the No. 2 position behind Teddy Bridgewater thanks to the presence of former XFL star P.J. Walker.

Will Grier must take things seriously with the Carolina Panthers in 2020.

Having this competition has been a good thing for Grier. The signal-caller has been fighting for his livelihood during camp and has made a better impression than at any stage of his time on the field last time out.

An increased sense of urgency can do wonders for a player like Grier. It is not easy remaining focused when all you are doing is standing on the sidelines. But if the second-year pro can be more involved, in addition to remaining committed during team meetings and practice then the future might still be bright for him.

It appears highly unlikely that Grier will see much in the way of snaps in 2020. The Panthers invested a lot in bringing Bridgewater to the organization during free agency. But having an approachable No. 1 option that Grier can lean on for advice and guidance is something else that is sure to do wonders for his long-term prospects.

Grier’s decision to transfer from Florida for his final two years in college was a masterstroke. He became a big fish in a small pond with the Mountaineers, which resulted in 7,354 passing yards, 71 touchdowns, 20 interceptions, and a pass completion percentage of 65.7.

The sophomore does have his limitations, of that there is little doubt. Grier looked like a rabbit in the headlights last season and the game just appeared to be moving too fast for the rookie.

Taking him out of the firing line is the best way to go at present. There will be plenty of competition for Grier away from the field during the campaign, with Matt Rhule stating that the No. 2 quarterback battle with Walker will be a week-to-week call by the coaching staff.

This will keep Grier and Walker sharp in the event Bridgewater is forced to miss some time, at the very least. Hopefully, for the Panthers, their presence will not be needed. But Grier’s road to redemption is about much more than producing the goods in a competitive setting.

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He has to get his professionalism in the right place, work hard to improve deficiencies in his game, and become a better teammate before he can make a difference on the field. There is a long way to go. But he is off to a promising start.