3 ways the Carolina Panthers can stop Kyler Murray in Week 4

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Take away DeAndre Hopkins

To say that DeAndre Hopkins has made a big impression since joining the Arizona Cardinals would be a massive understatement. The wide receiver has already proven to be a steal from the Houston Texans via trade this offseason and his chemistry with Kyler Murray has been phenomenal so far.

There doesn’t appear much anybody can do to stop Hopkins when he is playing in this manner. He had the best hands in the NFL and consistently makes plays that seem unfathomable given the attention placed on him by opposing defenses.

Preventing Hopkins from having his usual impression on proceedings should be at the forefront of the Carolina Panthers’ gameplan. Expect the wideout to see plenty of double teams, but this doesn’t guarantee that he won’t get open whenever he sees fit.

Much of the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of Donte Jackson. The former LSU standout has performed well so far this season and this sort of challenge is one that the cornerback is surely looking forward to despite the obvious challenges.

Getting pressure on Murray will be another pivotal element to thwarting Hopkins that shouldn’t be overlooked. This is an area that showed a marked improvement in Week 3 and one could clearly see just how much this benefitted the secondary.