Carolina Panthers are officially heading in the right direction

(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Robby Anderson
(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Robby Anderson /

The Carolina Panthers look to be heading on the right path after a hugely impressive win over the Arizona Cardinals at Bank of America Stadium.

Don’t look now, but the Carolina Panthers are officially heading in the right direction.

Their exceptional Week 4 win against the Arizona Cardinals was a polished performance, to put it mildly. The Carolina Panthers were dominant from start-to-finish and now find themselves back in contention with a 2-2 record.

This seemed unfathomable after the first fortnight of the campaign. Although the Panthers were competitive in their defeats to the Buccaneers and Raiders, they didn’t quite do enough to get themselves over the line.

Thankfully, their fortunes have turned around for the better ever since.

Momentum is building with the Carolina Panthers

If last weekend’s win at the Chargers was a confidence boost, then this result has the potential to put morale into another stratosphere. A 31-21 win was a true reflection of the game and how it transpired, which is a further indication that this young roster is developing as a unit with every passing contest.

It was hard to pick holes in Carolina’s display. They got off to a fast start yet again and managed to keep up this level of consistency throughout during their first game in front of fans at Bank of America Stadium this season.

There were plenty of critics surrounding the moves made by the Panthers during the offseason. Such a drastic change in personnel might have been necessary, but it didn’t make it any easier to stomach.

Couple this with the way departures such as Cam Newton and Greg Olsen were handled and it was easy to wonder just what the franchise had planned under the new regime. However, something seems to have clicked for the Panthers over the last two weeks and it has brought around a complete momentum shift.

Carolina still has plenty of football to play this season, but it is hard not to love the way this team is developing.

They are fun to watch, which cannot be said of what Panthers’ fans were subjected to last time around. Their offense can put up some substantial points and a hungry, athletic defense has stepped up in the biggest possible way following some early-season struggles.

The coaching staff deserves all the credit in the world. They are clearly making the right adjustments in problem areas from the previous weekend, which shows a keen study of film and a willingness to be self-critical in a bid to meet their own individual objectives.

It is also evident that each member of the roster has fully bought into what Rhule is trying to do in Carolina. There is an energy around the team that is so refreshing to see and the chemistry is improving every time they step on the field.

If there were doubters before the campaign from the outside, this didn’t translate to the locker room. The Panthers believe they are being slept on, and judging by their last two performances it is not hard to see why.

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Keeping the bigger picture in mind still applies. This is still a work in progress despite their recent upward trend, but if things continue the way they are then it won’t be long before the Panthers are back in postseason contention.