4 teams who probably regret not signing Cam Newton

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Carolina Panthers
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Which NFL teams are probably regretting their decision not to sign former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton this offseason?

Cam Newton might be coming off a defeat to the Denver Broncos, but there is plenty to like about his chances of forging a successful career following his release by the Carolina Panthers.

The 2015 NFL MVP cited a lack of playing time due to COVID-19 complications behind a lackluster display from the Patriots overall. But it is hard not to be impressed by what we have seen from Newton during the first few weeks of the season after such an acrimonious departure from the Carolina Panthers that left him on the free-agent scrapheap for three months.

There is a distinct lack of offensive talent around him, something which Tom Brady can attest to. This has only piled more pressure on Newton to produce the goods himself and contracting COVID-19 didn’t exactly help matters in the lead-up to a game against a team that he has yet to beat.

Judging by the way some quarterbacks are performing across the league. There might be some NFL teams who look at Newton’s situation with some regret.

The Panthers made the bold move to go in a different direction with Teddy Bridgewater that left some sections of Carolina’s fanbase incandescent with rage. And it will take some time for some staunch loyalists to come away to what Matt Rhule and his coaching staff are trying to implement.

Newton signed a bargain-basement deal in New England that included just $550,000 in guaranteed money, which might be worth its weight in gold if things turnaround once the Patriots resume practice more prominently.

Let’s take a look at four teams who would benefit from Newton being on their roster at the present time.