4 teams who probably regret not signing Cam Newton

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Carolina Panthers
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Washington Football Team

No head coach in the NFL knows more about Cam Newton than Ron Rivera. The pair worked closely together for almost a decade with the Carolina Panthers and achieved some considerable success that resulted in a Super Bowl appearance and plenty of national recognition.

It seemed like a match made in heaven. But for some reason, Washington opted to trade a fifth-round pick to the Panthers for Kyle Allen and leave Newton on the outside looking in.

This is a decision he would probably like to have back.

Washington has been as advertised this season, especially with their current quarterback options. Allen has struggled mightily after replacing Dwayne Haskins, who seems completely out of favor with a coaching staff that has absolutely no emotional attachment to him.

It might not be long before Alex Smith assumes the role full-time, but after so long out of the game it would be prudent to keep expectations to a minimum despite the lack of quality currently plying their trade in the NFC East.

There is nothing to suggest that Washington wouldn’t be better off with Newton under center. Nobody will know that more than the coach who propelled him to superstardom during their time together with the Panthers.