3 reasons Panthers QB Will Grier might be trade bait this offseason

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Will Grier
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Will Grier has a nice contract to take on

Backup quarterbacks in today’s NFL seem to be commanding more money with every passing year. Teams are more than willing to pay above market value for someone who could become integral to their success if their No. 1 option is forced to miss time. But this is a trend that might change in 2021 and possibly beyond.

The league has suffered some substantial losses to gameday revenue thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. This could result in the salary cap remaining the same or even being around $175 million for 2021, which would significantly hamper most teams across the NFL who simply didn’t plan for this eventuality.

If the Carolina Panthers were planning to move Will Grier, they will never get a better chance. The quarterback has two years and just $1.87 million remaining on his deal after this season, which will undoubtedly be a tempting proposition for a team who is looking for help at the position and is up against it from a financial perspective.

The situation involving Grier is a frequent occurrence. A change in management hasn’t helped his cause by any stretch of the imagination and if the Panthers can get something in return they can use on an exciting prospect, then they would be foolish not to pull the trigger.

This might be disappointing for Grier. But it’s probably the best outcome for him in the grand scheme of things.