Teddy Bridgewater is having a better season than you think

(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) Teddy Bridgewater
(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) Teddy Bridgewater /
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Teddy Bridgewater
(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) Teddy Bridgewater /

Teddy Bridgewater is probably having a better season than you think.

Quarterbacks tend to get more scrutiny than most. That is just the nature of the beast and bears more significance for Teddy Bridgewater given the circumstances surrounding his arrival to the Carolina Panthers this offseason and the subsequent departure of Cam Newton.

This is no fault of his own, obviously.

The Panthers should’ve released Newton the day after Bridgewater signed his three-year, $63 million deal that also included a $15 million signing bonus and $33 million guaranteed. But for some reason, they chose to wait until there were few options available for the 2015 NFL MVP to win a starting position elsewhere.

Thankfully for Newton, he did command the No. 1 spot with the New England Patriots. But it isn’t exactly the most profitable of atmospheres on a team that is clearly going through a period of transition.

As for Bridgewater, he seems to have adjusted well. Carolina has been competitive in almost every game this season and although the signal-caller hasn’t been able to steer his team over the line down the stretch, there has been far more good than bad through the first nine weeks of the campaign.

Want further proof? Here are some examples as to why Bridgewater might just be having a better campaign than you realize.