How would Sam Howell look on the Carolina Panthers in 2022?

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Howell’s college production

The best thing you can say about Sam Howell is that he lets absolutely nothing phase him. He’s looked the part from the moment he stepped onto the field as a freshman and the experience – and success – the quarterback is gaining against some tough competition is going to make him a hot commodity when it’s time for the player to take his chances at the next level.

Howell is a composed presence in the pocket that appears absolutely fearless. He isn’t afraid to take risks and can make things happen even when a specific play doesn’t develop as expected.

If his 3,647 passing yards and 38 touchdowns in 2019 were good, then his level of production might be even better this time around. Howell has through six picks through eight games, but he has already amassed 2,631 yards, 23 scores, and a sensational passer rating of 182.6.

Yes, he still has moments of frustration. But the kid is 20-years-old.

He has all the intangibles needed to develop even more both this season, in 2021, and when Howell finally arrives in the NFL.  The Carolina Panthers would be wise to keep a close eye on the player in the coming months in the event they are in some sort of position to take him.

In all honesty, if Howell is available for the Panthers, it means another high selection and that Teddy Bridgewater simply hasn’t done enough.