4 biggest disappointments in Panthers’ collapse loss at Vikings

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Red zone offense

Games are won and lost in the red zone. That is the nature of the business and the Carolina Panthers were lackluster at the business end of the field in Minnesota, to put it mildly.

This was always going to be a game of very few possessions, so it was vital for the Panthers to make the most out of their opportunities when they came. Instead, their red zone offense was 0-3.

Compare that to the Vikings, who went 3-4, and that is where the ball game was decided.

It’s not like the problems we are seeing from Carolina’s perspective are anything new. The same things keep creeping up almost every week and for the coaching staff to not rectify this at any time is deeply concerning.

Offensive coordinator Joe Brady needs to shoulder some of the blame for this. He has made a smooth transition to the next level after arriving from LSU this offseason. But if there was one area that one could be critical of the progressive young coach, it would be his play-calling in the red-zone on occasions.

Carolina has talent. However, for some unbeknown reason, things just aren’t clicking into place consistently. Their bye week will be an extended chance to try and solve these problems, but it’s too little, too late to salvage anything other than respect from the 2020 campaign.