5 things on Marty Hurney’s to-do list during the bye week

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Find out more about Curtis Samuel’s plans

Another free-agent that the Carolina Panthers need to start focusing on is Curtis Samuel. The do-it-all wide receiver is out of contract this spring and is sure to attract plenty of interest on the market if the organization lets things go that far.

It is therefore vital that Marty Hurney starts delving a little bit deeper into just what Samuel plans to do in free agency. His influence on Carolina’s offense has risen steadily with every passing game and the way he comes up big on third-down is something that would be hugely missed if the former Ohio State sensation decided to take his chances elsewhere.

Which is a very real possibility.

Samuel is still regarded as the No. 4 option in the passing game behind Robby Anderson, D.J. Moore, and Christian McCaffrey. So the promise of more targets on another team might be a little too tempting to refuse at this point of his career.

The Panthers will make him an offer to stay, of that there is little doubt. Samuel has accumulated 634 yards from scrimmage and five touchdowns so far this season and he would take some replacing by the front office if terms fail to be reached.

Getting the lay of the land during this period of rest might be crucial for Hurney and the Panthers. If the general manager doesn’t like what he hears, then it would give them extra time to look at possible alternatives.