Could Zach Wilson be a franchise QB for the Carolina Panthers?

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Carolina Panthers
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Zach Wilson might be a surprise pick for the Carolina Panthers.

There aren’t many players in college football who have generated more buzz in 2020 than Zach Wilson. The BYU sensation has come of age at the perfect time before entering the NFL Draft next spring and this has man projecting the Carolina Panthers as one of the possible teams that could look closely at the prospect with their first-round selection.

This would be an absolute bombshell, to put it mildly.

The Carolina Panthers have far more pressing needs than quarterback in pursuit of possibly becoming a playoff contender in the near future. However, if Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t finish off the campaign on a positive note, the inevitable speculation will soon follow.

This would be music to the ears of those who wanted Bridgewater to fall flat on his face. This had nothing to do with the former first-round pick, who is hard to root against after all he’s been through during his career.

However, the way Carolina handled Cam Newton‘s departure left and continues to leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Bridgewater will be under center in 2021, of that there is little doubt. But if his production decreases over the remaining four games it might force Carolina’s hand and go with an exciting young talent in Wilson that could be a potential star at the next level.