3 potential problems facing the Carolina Panthers vs. Broncos

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Confidence issues

A complete capitulation late on at the Minnesota Vikings has the potential to knock any remaining confidence out of the Carolina Panthers. In this respect, the bye week came at the perfect time.

It was a chance for the roster to heal up their aching bodies and step away from the pressure cooker atmosphere of football for a few days before returning with a renewed sense of purpose. Preparations for Week 14 haven’t been the easiest due to the aforementioned COVID-19 concerns that no doubt left Matt Rhule incensed with rage. But this is a good game to get back into a rhythm and hopefully come away with their fifth win of the season.

However, if they don’t start well, it won’t take long for those confidence issues to resurface.

Struggling teams such as the Panthers are always on a knife-edge when it comes to this. It only takes a couple of bad plays here or there to completely shift momentum and that is why being bold and getting out on the front foot early is going to be crucial.

The Vikings game might feel like a long time ago. But it will still be at the forefront of Carolina’s mind after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.

We’ll find out plenty about what sort of confidence and character is left within the roster over the next few weeks.

And for some, it might be the difference between a longer stay with the Panthers or looking for somewhere else to play their football.