Why is Christian McCaffrey fighting so hard to come back?

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(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) Christian McCaffrey /
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Christian McCaffrey
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Matt Rhule must be smart with Christian McCaffrey

While it is commendable that Matt Rhule is eager for the Carolina Panthers to generate some momentum over the next fortnight. This doesn’t detract from the fact that getting Christian McCaffrey back involved might bring more complications than it’s worth at this point.

What would the Panthers get from one or even two more wins this season? They can finish 6-10 at best which would still see them picking in the top-10 of the NFL Draft in all likelihood and everybody already knows how much McCaffrey can be relied upon.

The same cannot be said of Rodney Smith, who has shown some real promise during McCaffrey’s latest absence, and giving him more in the way of touches will give the head coach a better indication of whether he can become the primary backup option if veteran Mike Davis departs in free agency.

As has been the case for the entire season, it’s vital that Carolina keeps the bigger picture in mind.

Especially with their best offensive weapon.

McCaffrey will obviously plead a good case for starting when ready once again. And if he can show enough in practice this week then it would take a brave man to keep him off the field in Week 16 during their game at the Washington Football Team and former head coach Ron Rivera.

However, as the old saying goes, the juice is simply not worth the squeeze at this point. Even though it won’t sit well with McCaffrey, airing on the side of caution would be for the greater good.