Should the Carolina Panthers take a chance on Dwayne Haskins?

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Should the Carolina Panthers take the plunge on Dwayne Haskins?

This might be a bit out of left-field. But the Carolina Panthers don’t have much to lose by at least taking a look at Dwayne Haskins in the coming weeks.

The player knows that his next chance might be his last.

So the signal-caller should approach his next challenge with a little more commitment.

Carolina needs an injection at the quarterback spot, which they simply aren’t getting from Teddy Bridgewater at the present time. It was ironic that Haskins’ inept display against the Panthers masked what was another poor outing from his adversary on the opposite side of the gridiron.

It would be a low risk, high reward situation for the Panthers.

And one that might be worth a look.

There are some nice traits that Haskins possesses. But just how much confidence or desire he has to forge a successful career at the next level is another matter entirely.

Another team won’t know that for sure until they bring Haskins in, which would come at a minimal cost. This would be music to Carolina’s ears given the money they’ve got invested in Bridgewater until 2022 and it might even light a fire under the current No. 1 option in the process.

Haskins’ career is hanging in the balance and given what’s gone on over the last few weeks, he might not get another opportunity to prove himself.